• Let me introduce you to an enchanted place: Along the western coast of Mallorca stretches a proud and sometimes wild mountain range with winding roads and mountain passes, deep gorges and valleys adorned by cypress trees and quaint villages, naked mountains with casitas or cabins. Suddenly the azure Mediterranean sea reveals itself.


    We are on the way towards the small town called Soller (deriving from the Arabic word Suliar, meaning the golden valley) The road leads further and further up—up past the town. Olive trees everywhere. As far as your eyes can wander they stand proudly with their humanlike trunks, twisting and turning, reaching for the sunlit sky. These fabulous trees are many hundred years old. They have endured heat and drought, gushes of rain--storms and now; never giving in. On this land nobody has laid their hands on these magnificent ancient beings. Nobody would dream of cutting or uprooting and selling an olive tree, even though it could bring in substantial money.



  • The road is narrowing more and more, clearly built for donkey and cart and nothing else. Our voyage leads on to endless stone built terraces. These were a major contribution of the Moors that mark the Mallorquin landscape in this neck of the woods, it has made the land arable from the coastline high up the sheer mountain slopes.

    In medieval times, the moors chose this region to realize their dreams of an earthly paradise and it has continued to attract visionaries, smugglers, painters, poets, philosophers, musicians and other adventurous souls ever since. Frederic Chopin and George Sand spent their “Honeymoon in the Sight of Heaven” at a monastery in Valldemossa. Robert Graves, a famous English poet, composed most of his poetry as well as “I, Claudius” from his house in Deia. The mystic poet Ramon Lull wrote “between the vineyards and the fields of fennel, love took hold of me and made me love God”.

A breathtaking view of the rugged coastline and the sea appears. The port of Soller lies beneath us, a natural port that has become a fancy little place with its own marina.
You have come to a stop. Big gates open towards the farmhouse called Cas Bernats. The car moves slowly. But so does time. You are high up in an island far out in the Mediterranean Sea – surrounded by olive groves and citrus gardens. Here and there sheep bells fill the air. There is tranquility and peace. We have stepped into a surrounding, a hilltop with an ancient farm on uncompromised land.
In a way time stopped here.
We have arrived.
Cas Bernats is a working ecological farm of 8 hectares. The farming is highly irrational and follows the traditions of the old times when the moons rhythm determined when to plant or cut. Sheep and horses inhabit the land and chickens wander under the citrus trees, knowing its their job to provide fresh eggs in the morning. As we walk into the garden where you are drawn to the fragrances of lavender, jasmine and orange blossom, of roses, calas and lilies. Bushes with trumpet like flowers called the “lady of the Night” descend on your head as you are entering.
Everywhere you look there is an abundance of fruit, specially oranges and lemons. In the lower part of the garden there are vegetables and well assorted spices like rosemary, thyme, basil, and a mint like herb “Hierba Buena”, excellent for the Spanish omelette and for making mint tea.
In front of you is a big old 16th century farm house. It has an olive mill that would produce thousands of liters of olive oil in the old days. Some production is still going on.
The setting of this farm is magnificent. As you walk towards the swimming pool area you can appreciate the view of mountains, the port and the sea. The sun never forgets to set just in front of us. Many meals are enjoyed on the terrace adjoining the house and the non-obstructed night sky is filled to the brim with star glitter.
Kerstin came to this island and, like Ramon Lull, totally fell in love with it. She never turned her back to her country Sweden. She is the happy and devoted owner of this place. She feels it is a sanctuary of the soul. It is grounded with strong energy running through the land.
The house has been her home for several years before she decided to open its doors to the public. Today it has become an attractive site of recreation for groups wanting to reconnect with their inner peace, enjoying long hikes, yoga, massage and healthy and tasteful Mediterranean food. Sometimes you will find the owner herself involved in the making of the meals. One day there will be a Cas Bernats cookbook, she has promised her guests…
The farm has also been the setting for romantic weddings and special birthday parties. Actually it lends itself perfectly for extended families of several generations or a group of friends. Events of many variations have also taken place. On other occasions it has been the location for advertising videos or catalogues for Gant, Ikea, Hennes Mauritz, Sports Illustrated-- as well as numerous commercial and film shoots.